A very short introduction

I have finally made a blog having planned to make one for ages!

This is a very short introduction to me and the kinds of things I will be blogging about.

I am a Pakistani, British, feminist, atheist, ex-Muslim, ex-hijabi, ex-niqabi, ex-fundamentalist movie lover. As you can see I embody many labels so good luck putting me into a box.

I have a degree in English literature from Brunel university.

I left Islam around six years ago when I was 19 for a whole load of reasons. I had always doubted the logic of Sunni Islam from as far as I can remember. Reading outside of Islamic literature, and facing my doubts in my late teens has led me on a journey from mindless belief to skepticism.

I went to an Islamic boarding school where I had religion rammed down my throat and where I naturally rebelled. I was finally thrown out of it at 15 in front of the entire school. I keep repeating everywhere I can that I was expelled for having a camera so that more people can become aware of how ludicrous the reasons are for expulsions in private faith schools.  I was rebellious as most students are, and was not a monstrous trouble maker as the school made out I was when questioned about my expulsion.

I watched as girls were expelled for having boyfriends, owning make up or for being gay. I know what it feels like to be indoctrinated which is why I am an advocate for secular education. This blog will be about my experiences, religion, education and feminism.

Warning: this blog will contain blasphemy.

Thanks for reading, and would love feedback about future posts.

11 thoughts on “A very short introduction

  1. heard about you on the GSpellchecker podcast. I find the ex-muslim guests to be the most interesting ones on the show and I’ll be following your blog with interest.
    Love the picture – who is it by?


  2. Hi Aliyah
    I first heard about you on the GSpellchecker podcast. I find the ex-muslim guests to be the most interesting ones on the show and I’ll be following your blog with interest.
    Love the picture – who is it by?


  3. Hey! Came across the interfaithless website and your recent videos from the event at QMUL. I really enjoyed listening to your personal story. I felt jealous watching you guys there, out and proud. But I also felt hopeful. Hoping I’d have the guts to go to any forthcoming meet ups or events you might be holding.
    I look forward to reading your blog posts!


    1. Hey thanks for reading! You should come along to the next one when it’s sorted out whenever you are ready. Keep up with the Interfaithless fb page. If you don’t feel ready to come along you can watch the videos when they are uploaded. Glad that you felt hopeful, and proud. Really appreciate that.


  4. Hi, I am Muslim myself, although not completely devout I still strongly believe in it. But I also respect people who choose to leave the religion. I really enjoyed the two pieces you have uploaded, its nice to get a different perspective. I wanted to ask if your other members of the family have left Islam too? Sorry of thats too personal. But will definitely be keeping up with your blog!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts & yes my family are Muslims. I am glad to hear that you respect people who choose to leave Islam. I believe there are Muslims out there like yourself willing to voice that support but that they often get shouted down by others.
      All the best to you!

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      1. If You are So called Ex- Muslims then why you are using the word Muslims?…instead you should use Atheist or Non religious..Even you should Change your name to Ex Something to be on Restructured Position..

        Your problem is with your family not religion that you are Forced to wear Hijab and not able to enjoy your Freedom..but it does not mean You Should criticize any religion and Hurt the sentiments of billion Muslims…By the way In Pakistan i have seen most people enjoy Movies and Outing in Public Places may be in tribal parts it have some restrictions….Most Girls even found without Hijab and Niqab why they are not oppressed or leaving their religion?
        One Pakistani Female writer visited India Few month back and Said i have seen more Muslims women in Burqa and Hijab in India as Compared to Pakistani womens..Are they Forced or oppressed? Answer is no Everyone have right to enjoy the freedom to Education, Society and Work…

        There are two types of So called Es Muslims exist at Present one who is not following any Islamic Principles (Namaz, Quran, Fasting ) but remain in its own will but not Create any Hypocrisy but on the other hand there are Ex Muslims who even not following any Islamic principle but have the excuse to discuss the stupid dogmas to Just Create an Hypocrisy….
        Doing such things Can only bring Few happiness moments for You in your life but at the end you will not achieved any results..

        I dont have right to interfere in your personal life whether you are doing it is your Personal Choice Do whatever you want nobody is going to Kill you…In India there are thousand of Muslims Men and Womens who dont involve in any Islamic principles and they are living their life as normal nobody is going to kill them…

        In the Short term you are doing everything as per your Choice Drinking, Smoking,Movies and even Sex it will give some good Pleasure but for the long term If you really want to change anything then work to Change your society, Work for the education, Healthcare, gender Equality for womens in your Country that will give you more respect within ourselves and will help you get some good results…


  5. Its not Sunni Islam what you were taught, it was Wahabism. Anywaz, your beliefs are your choice, your hatred is rightful, but I hope you would come back and would recognize true spirit of Islam which lies in Tasawuf. And in case not, even then I have good wishes for you. What you faced, I also faced such things in a govt school in Pakistan.


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